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A lot of downward pressure has been placed on many organizations’ CIOs as they have been requested, over the last few years, to hold or lower their IT Costs. As a response, from a professional service aspect, many consulting firms have delocalized their development laboratories to offshore regions. This only made a small impact on the overall prices invoiced to customers. As a matter of fact, 80% of an ERP’s consultancy activities have to be done together with the client at the customer’s premises. This comes from the fact that ERP integration activities need to be tailored to the customer’s specific needs because these needs require analysis to fully understand the business requirements before being able to design and specify any solution. Only the development of the solution can be done offshore at a reduced cost. The validation and the deployment of the solutions is again done together with the client at the customer’s site.

bizEvolutions believes that for small and midsize businesses, utilizing an ERP consultant on a Time and Material basis is not appropriate as the workload might not be enough to justify such investment. bizEvolutions has defined a specific pricing model which allows customers to select and pay only for the exact activities required from the consultant. This is a great way for customers to start more modestly with the implementation of an Oracle solution and then have it evolve as per the business growth. bizEvolutions calls this pricing model “Consultancy as a Service”, CaaS. This model is very well adapted for companies that either have specific requirements or who implement Cloud ERP solutions at the same pace as their business grows.

More traditionally, bizEvolutions offers a competitive pricing policy based on Time and Materials for large ERP implementation or ERP upgrade. This pricing policy is specifically meant for long term assignment project where the customer has a full-life cycle project to implement. bizEvolutions follows the market trend and offers hourly, daily or weekly rates.