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bizEvolutions has developed a new concept called Consultancy as a Service, CaaS. The primary objective is to offer our customers on-demand implementation/integration/management services in a flexible way starting at a very affordable rate. Customers can select exactly the type of activities per phase, including the deliverables, that the consultants shall work on. This new concept guarantees that customers only pay for what they asked for.

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In addition to CaaS pricing model, bizEvolutions offers traditional consulting services to companies who work on a traditional ERP implementation methodology, based on a time-and-material (T&M) pricing model.

Below is a sample of our competitive hourly rates for the following functions.

Daily Rates
USD 220/hr for Program Manager
USD 180/hr for Project Manager
USD 150/hr for Functional Architect
USD 130/hr for Functional Consultant
USD  80/hr for On-shore developer
USD  40/hr for Off-shore developer

Weekly Rates benefit of a 10% discout from the daily rate
Monthly Rates benefit of a 20% discount from the daily rate